What to Expect

Example of Daily Schedule
9:45 - 10:00 Morning Prayer 
11:00 - 12:00 Life Skill Class
12:00 - 2:00 Lunch
2:00 - 3:00 Teaching (All Ages)
3:30 - 4:30 Games/Activities
5:00 - 5:15 Evening Prayer
5:30 Evening Meal (bring a biblically clean dish to share) 
7:00 Praise, Worship and Dance
(Example only subject to change)

Youth & "Littles"

There will be daily activities for the youth and “littles”. We ask that you volunteer some of your time to help with the planned activities. Activities will include, games, survival skill challenges, crafts/Torah lessons, Praise and worship and hebraic dance. There will be no children's activities during teaching times. Please come to teaching with quiet activities for your children.


Barter/Sell/Trade day's are TBD. Bring any products you have made, grown, use, etc. Also the greatly anticipated Thrive Game, but we aren't giving you the date yet. This year, there will be a $5 participation fee for ages 7 and older to help with the cost of the game. 

Weather & Camp Info

We are excited about our time of fellowship with Yah and each other this week. Below is some info that will help you prepare for your “Appointed time”.

Camp sites are primitive, (no running water or electricity). Water will be available to haul to your campsite. Showers and outhouses are available. Tents, Rv’s and campers are all welcome. Breakfast and lunches are “on your own”, make plans to visit with others, or invite them to your camp for a meal! Supper is a community meal at the main camp fire. Bring a dish (Biblically clean), with enough food to feed your family and share it with all!

Our elevation is 7000 feet. Daytime temps will average 60, with night time averaging in the 30-40’s. While snow at this time of year is not common, it is not unheard of either. With our “country experience” comes mud if rain or snow arrive, extra shoes and warm clothing are recommended, (boots, gloves, hats, jackets etc).

There are numerous jobs that need to be accomplished around the camp each day. We ask that your family sign up for one of these jobs each day that you are staying in camp. Jobs include: hauling wood, cleaning showers and outhouses, lighting community fire, hauling water etc, many hands make light work!

Dogs can be brought but it would be better if other arrangements could be made for them. If they do attend they will need to be kenneled. Leashes are required when walking. Keep in mind everyone has different ideas of “pets”.

Barter/Sell/Trade day's are TBD. Bring any products you have made, grown, use, etc. Set up for business in the community tent from 11-2 (ish).

We have a walk in freezer and cooler within walking distance for those that need extra food storage for the week. Please bring boxes or ice chests to keep your food labeled and separated in the facilities. Bags of ice will be available for purchase.

Cell phone signal at camp “comes and goes”. Driving to the top of one of the small hills on the property will help. Verizon and At&t have the best reception.

There is a small gas station 20 miles from our camp, and a small town with a grocery store, restaurants and basic dry goods about 35 miles. City amenities are 90-100 miles.